New! Lenz™ Sports Editions!

April 4th 2011 – Chicago, IL – The Clip’n’Go brand announces the launch of the new Lenz Sports Edition dual sided contact lens cases today April 4th. This exciting new product will be targeted towards sports enthusiasts, athletes and children. It can be difficult, or even impossible, to play many sports with bulky glasses but with the Clip’ n’ Go Lenz Sports Edition you’ll never forget to bring your lenses to the game! Also available are football and volleyball cases (not pictured). For more information on the Clip’n’Go family of products please contact


About Clip'n'Go!

Never forget your contact case, breath freshener, lip balm or pills again! This convenient line of Clip'n'Go products grew out of pure necessity. They're always at your fingertips, great for anyone on the go. Check out the new Sports Lenz edition contact cases!


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